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The Team

Becky Berowski – Senior Editor and all around rock star graduated from Niagara University with a BFA in Theatre and Communications. She moved to New York City to pursue her career as an actor and quickly found her calling in comedy. She studies at the Upright Citizens’ Brigade Theatre, performs regularly with her improv team, Space Camp, and writes and films sketch comedy. Becky can also been seen in various commercials, PSAs, television shows, print ads, and webisodes.

In addition to making people laugh, Becky loves to travel and explore new places. She took this passion and became a co-founder and co-host of “a blonde, a brunette & a redhead”, a hosting series that follows three girls around Manhattan to discover the free and exciting attractions the city has to offer.

Eating healthily and working out are also priorities with Becky. She enjoys taking cooking classes, trying out the latest fitness trends, and finding restaurants with a deliciously nutritious menu.

Stacey Pashcow – Style Guru and doB girl about town Stacey graduated from Boston University in 1993 and went on to get her law degree at New York Law. With a passion for the entertainment industry, she landed a job in the Motion Picture Literary department at ICM where she worked with high profile cast, writers and directors.

A love of news brought her to ABC as a Booker and Associate Producer at Good Morning America. At ABC News, she focused on breaking news, lifestyle, beauty, food and entertainment. Having come from a family background in real estate, she developed a passion and flair for the business early on, which blossomed into her own accomplished career. With nearly a decade of real estate experience representing luxury buildings throughout the city as a successful on-site agent for Corcoran Sunshine she is now working in the resales division at Corcoran.

She currently lives in New York City with her two children, Alexandra and Oliver and their Dachshund named Oscar. She is extremely passionate about beauty and a curator of all things cool in NYC.

Sydney Herman Art has always been an integral part of my life. I received my BA in the sixties from American University with a major in Art Education. I was fortunate enough to be able to continue courses at Chicago Art Institute and The New School in New York City. I was a high school art teacher in Virginia and New Jersey until I became a mom. I have continued to be active at the Guild of Creative Arts in Shrewsbury, NJ as teacher, Gallery Coordinator, president and board member. I’m so happy to be doing illustrations for doB as Heidi is my wonderful daughter and Lisa has been a part of my extended family for over 25 years.

Lori Hamlin I became a makeup artist because of electric blue mascara. In junior high, I would sneak into the girls’ bathroom and meticulously apply this product to each and every lash. Every day, a different girl emerged from that bathroom than the one who entered. I felt that I had found a secret weapon to “being cool”. Throughout my career, I have tried to recreate this positive makeup experience for everyone who sits in my chair. Read More