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Mission Statement | dishinoutBeauty

Mission Statement

A long, long time ago there was a truly great friendship. Two girls, Lisa Stolov and Heidi Brod, were best friends living at the Jersey Shore. Their mothers shared the same birthday and they felt as if the friendship had been written in the stars.

They shared every triumph, every loss and nurtured each other’s crazy dreams. They even rocked the same bad hair and make-up that haunts them to this day.

Lisa, entrepreneur-minded since she graduated high school, with a passion for beauty developed a successful bath and body boutique and product line. She continued to hone her expertise and played a strategic role in development and launch of top-selling beauty lines into Barneys New York and Saks Fifth Avenue – this positioned her as one of the top professionals in the beauty industry.

Shortly, thereafter she married and moved to Florida, giving birth to two amazing boys, Hunter and Dylan. She was named Director of Sales for SUNDÃRI Skin Care and felt at home with a brand that reflects her belief that “only when the interior is at rest, are you ready to address the sole focus of beauty, the physical self.”

Meanwhile, Heidi was busy developing Films for Miramax in New York. It was a hectic, exciting and challenging time while working on films like Shakespeare in Love, Like Water For Chocolate and Gangs of New York. She honed her voice, wit and passion for story. A few years later, she met her prince charming, Jon Brod and started a new chapter after giving birth to Caylin and Logan.

The two had become one and each struggled to find some balance and inspiration in their hectic schedules. Heidi found her Zen in cooking.

Meanwhile Lisa traveled the globe in search of the best products in mind, body, fitness and beauty. They would share their stories and quest for looking and feeling younger and stronger through every day choices. The foods they eat, the beauty products they slather on, and most importantly, the exercise choices that were truly inspiring rather than the latest fad to become obsolete like last year’s couture clogs.

This vision and our happily ever after culminated in this website, dishinoutBEAUTY.com. A website that brings you the hottest trends in the world of food and beauty, the ones that help you live loud and strong – and nurture the warrior within. We are dedicated to inspiring you with an inside out approach to looking and feeling your best. The secret ingredient to looking younger, hotter and more beautiful doesn’t come in a pill, a bottle, a cleanse or from under the knife, the secret to a more beautiful you can be found within the foods we eat, beauty choices we make every day and from inside.

You can be a Beauty and a Foodie and find everything you love aggregated under one cool, sometimes sexy, altogether witty and often inappropriate website. We understand you will accept nothing less.

So sign up and feed your craving for all things food and beauty. Join the revolution. We dare you… Xoxo Heidi and Lisa