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Life is Hectic. Whether it’s school drop off or a board meeting at noon, we all want the best in food, health, beauty and style. Who has the the time to do the research?

Lisa, the beauty expert and Heidi, obsessed with cooking healthy meals for the family, best friends forever, trading tips through a passion for staying fit and looking and feeling their best.

We decided to launch doB and bring on a panel of experts to consult with. Stacey Pashcow, style guru and fashion girl about town. Whether it’s super-foods, the new fat busting treatment or just a totally rockin’ piece of jewelry, we’ll bring it to your attention in one free daily newsletter carefully curated for your savvy palate. We are dedicated to inspiring you with an inside out approach to looking and feeling your best. We know you’re busy. We’ll give you the straight scoop with a healthy dose of humor.

We promise to give you exactly what you’re craving. The best in food, beauty, fashion and wellness to keep you feeling and looking your best. Join the Foodie/BEAUTY revolution.

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