5 Award Winning Tips to Not SAG at The Oscars


Jene Luciano

Jené Luciani

Jené Luciani, America’s favorite bra & style guru!

The stars will all be shining on February 24th at The Oscars or will they? There were so many misses at the award shows with celebs not putting their best bust forward, we decided to get some expert advice.

doB enlisted, Jené Luciani, the woman Dr. Oz urged his viewers to ‘all hail the bra guru,’ and millions nationwide watch TV shows for her style advice, and read her bestselling tome to all things boobs, The Bra Book.

Here are Jené’s tips to avoid flopping at The Oscars:

  • Jessica Chastain at the Golden Globes – the top of her dress was so ill-fitting and loose, it made her appear she had saggy boobs! I would have suggested sewing in some foam bra cups (you can get them at any craft store) to at least provide some shape, so her boobs didn’t get lost in all the billowing of that fabric.
  • Julianne Moore at the SAG Awards –  This look is a total FLOP. I LOVE a deep plunge as much as anyone but here it’s just not working… instead of focusing on her beautiful face (and a colorless dress that completely washes out her fair skin), we are mostly focusing on the unfortunate fit of the bustline, that makes her boobs look completely saggy. A ½ INCH more of fabric on each side would have suited her better, providing a bit more coverage but still a sexy amount of cleavage (ala Kate Hudson at the Globes or Taylor Swift at the People’s Choice).
  • Jennifer Lawrence at the Golden Globes – she may be the reigning ‘sexiest woman alive’ and ‘it girl’ of the moment and while her acting is certainly on-point, so was the unflattering bust of this dress!!! While we admired her teeny tiny waist, all eyes were also on the odd way the fabric seemed to give her pointy-shaped boobs. This dress had critics screaming ‘is the cone bra back?’
  • Jen Garner at the Golden Globes – it seems sweetheart necklines are back in vogue but there was nothing sweet about Jen Garner’s wardrobe malfunction and over-board cleavage. Her boobs seemed to be trying to escape from this Vivianne Tam dress until they nearly did, and she had to ‘hike it up’ to prevent further spillage. The way to rectify this situation? She needed to go a size up in this dress, and get a good strapless bra!
  • Michelle Dockery at the SAG  – C’mon Michelle, side boob is like, SO 2012. Guess she didn’t get the memo! I thought we’d escaped this when I saw all the sweetheart necks but of course one or two stars just couldn’t seem to stay away from showing profile-cleavage (yes Taylor, we’re talking to you too).

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