The Vampy Lip


With every season comes a new beauty trend. Some are subtle, and some are bold. This winter calls for a daring makeup move—dark lips, or as I like to call it, the “vampy” lip. What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about a vampire? It’s their flawless porcelain skin contrasting against opaque accents. In order to correctly pull this look off, that’s exactly what you need to go for. Your entire face needs to be polished and fair, while your lips need to be glossed and dark.

Everyone has their own comfort zones as to what they will and will not try when it comes to their makeup. If you’re trying to stay on trend, you’re going to be required to run way outside your zone. There is a range of dark lipstick shades to choose from, and some of them aren’t as bold as the others. You can choose from softer shades such as, plum like Maybelline SuperStay lipstick “Please Stay Plum” ($8.99) or maroon like L’Oreal Color Riche Lipcolour “Raspberries” ($8.95). If you really want to take it up a notch, choose strong shades such as burgundy like Rimmel London Moisture Renew lipstick “Burgundy Luster” ($5.99) or eggplant like NYX Round Case lipstick “Medusa” ($4.00). For those of you that would really love to take the dark lipstick plunge, pick up MAC’s “Cyber” ($15); it’s so dark purple it almost looks black, and my personal fave.


It is imperative to remember that since you’re making a statement with your lips that the rest of your makeup needs to be muted. This isn’t a look that can be worn casually, so it’s perfect to consider if you’re spending an evening out. Match the look with the sparkly dress you wear while dancing with girl friends, or pair it with your little black dress you’re wearing on your hot date. Either way, you’re going to turn some heads!



  • Start with your every day face routine. Apply your concealer and foundation as you wish. If you find that you use bronzer during the winter, I’d recommend against if it you’re wearing dark lipstick. Just stick to a light dusting of blush across the tops of your cheekbones.
  • Wear little to no eye makeup. Use a soft bone shade with shimmer across your eyelids. If you want to wear eyeliner, stick with a delicate stripe that perfectly lines your upper lid. Finish it off with a coat of volumizing mascara. It is incredibly important to not over do your eye makeup since your lips will be so dramatic.
  • Before you even think about putting your dark lipstick on, be sure you’ve got a liner to go with it. A shade of such proportions can bleed and/or smudge very easily. You want your lip liner to match your color. Once you’re perfectly lined, go right ahead and swipe your new lipstick on!

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