Look And Feel 7 Years Younger in Just 7 Weeks


A large part of our mission at doB is to inspire you with an inside out approach to looking and feeling your best. We believe that the secret to a more beautiful you can be found within the foods we eat, beauty choices we make every day and from inside.

“How would you like to begin the New Year by taking 7 years off your age? That is the promise we are making today.” –Dr. Oz

Rosemary Ellis with Dr. Oz

I was watching a segment on Dr. Oz, he featured, 7 Years Younger, an anti-aging guide that helps women look and feel seven years younger in just seven weeks. The program, conceived by the experts at Good Housekeeping, takes a comprehensive integrated approach to anti-aging, addressing skincare, makeup, hair care, nutrition, fitness, emotional health and brain games, to help women feel youthful inside and out. 7 Years Younger is a user friendly program and I thought you should check it out. Readers will find tips that are easy-to-follow and stick with in order to look and feel younger. Here are a few:

  • Cut back on food products that list sugar among the first three ingredients: Proteins in skin react with excessive sugar, causing skin to age faster.
  • Little moves can add up to big benefits. Set your phone alarm to remind you to stand up, stretch, and walk around every hour. Try to walk 20 minutes every day. Always take the stairs. Moving vigorously and often in your daily life can burn up to 300 extra calories every day.
  • To diminish brown spots on your face, look for a serum with ingredients like kojic acid and licorice. Apply it at night after you wash your face; the treatment will be more effective on clean skin.
  • Keep calm and sniff lavender. Put a drop of essential oil on a cloth and slip it under your pillow to get a good night’s sleep.
  • Say your intentions out loud (no matter how silly you feel): Speaking them increases the chances you’ll actually act on them.
dishin‘ tip: There are days that I’d wish I could look just 7 days younger, but a program to look 7 Years Younger…you have to check out!

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