5 Festive Holiday Beauty Looks


The holidays are finally upon us, which means the trees are trimmed, the stocking are hung and the halls are decked. Now it’s time to take a breath and get ready for the next wave of festive chaos…the parties! I’m sure you’ve strategically picked the ultimate dress and paired it with the perfect shoes, but we all know the look will be pulled together by your styled hair and flawless makeup. Here are some chic holiday-inspired beauty tips:

1.Wear silver and gold so you can shine. Depending on your outfit, choose a shimmery silver or gold eye shadow to use. There are two essential places that need to sparkle to grab everyone’s attention—right across the top of your eye along your brow bone and in the corners of your eyes. The natural lighting of wherever you are will reflect off the shimmer, effortlessly making your eyes pop. Whatever you do, don’t go overboard! A light dusting is perfect.

2.Sport scarlet lips in honor of the festivities. Go ahead and wear whatever shade of red lip color you prefer, just be sure it compliments your outfit choice. What I will suggest is that you choose some sort of lip stain, as opposed to lipstick. You don’t want the cheesy lipstick ring left on your elegant champagne flute! MAC’s Pro Longwear Lipcolour ($23) will last for hours, and so will Covergirl’s Outlast Lipstain ($8.99).

3.Give your hair soft, glamorous waves. Stray away from the perfect, bouncy curls that were in last holiday season. This year, you’re going to want to sport soft waves. In order to achieve that look, all you have to do is comb out your curls. After you go in with your curling iron, wait a few minutes for the curls to set, then go in with your brush or fingertips and comb right through them. It’ll properly break up the curls for an incredibly classy look.

4.Dramatize your twinkling eyes. It’s not every day you can wear intense eye makeup, but holiday parties certainly call for it! This is the perfect opportunity to wear a smoky eye, or to smudge your makeup. Going with a smoky eye is a much more perfected look, while simply smudging your shadow and liner is a bit more casual. Be sure to highlight your dark makeup with some shimmer in the same spots that I mentioned in look #1.

5.Dress up your natural beauty by going nude. If you’re a bit more of a minimalist, you’ll love this festive look. Instead of going all out on your makeup, use nude shades to enhance your natural beauty. Add a soft bone eye shadow to your lids, a bright apricot blush to your cheeks and a simple rose lip stain like Covergirl Outlast’s “Teasing Blush,” and finish it off with one coat of brown mascara.



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