When the Carbs Hit Your Thigh Like a Big Pizza Pie, Anjou A-more-A



Photo by Nina Choi on Cooking Light

Lanky, twiggy, weedy, gangly. I have been called them all.  Yes, I may sound like a skinny b*tch, but even thin girls have body issues.  My chest missed the boat on puberty, and after large dinners my food baby rivals that of an actual pregnant woman.

I thought I had tackled weight gain until my aggressive eating caused a deflection.  The delay hit when I was being measured for a casting in my Calvin Klein underwear. The woman measuring my tight end announced I was “too big.”  I laughed, then put down the potato chips.

It’s football season and there is no better bonding time with your man than Monday night football with a beer and pepperoni pie on hand.  Those carbs can be killer, while the cheese indigestion can put a time out on any power play you were planning to make.

Pears have just started their season. I knew any recipe with them guaranteed me a win.  Rich in copper and vitamin C, I am protected from those free radicals wreaking havoc on my skin.  High in fiber, I am saving my heart as well.

Cooking Light came up with a pizza recipe that was guaranteed to get me to the end zone.  We at doB made it a bit easier by using pre-made whole wheat naan bread to ensure more man-to-woman coverage time.  In packs of two, I rubbed each piece with olive oil then heated the bread in the oven for about 8 minutes. Once warmed up I split the ingredients evenly, covered each pizza and enjoyed.

These personal pies kept my guy full while my non-bloated self felt sexy enough to score my own touchdown.

Go Figure.



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