Part 8:Have You Ever Dreamed of Going To Culinary School?


Heidi and Chef WillThe Steaks Are High When It Comes To Relationships.

And for Lisa’s young lover, he liked his medium-rare with a side of perfectly fried, French-Fried Potatoes.  As I make my way through Central Park, a hint of summer is finally in the air, which for any city girl can mean only one thing.  That it’s time to go country.  From the Hamptons to Fire Island, there are few things more badass then any girl who can finally master the art of grilling.

I walk into class and begin to assemble my ingredients for today’s recipe.  Chef Will, our substitute, greets me at the door.  He has an infectious smile light as spirits and after all of the braising and roasting and pickling and poaching, I am relieved to find a simple grill and a basic fry would round out our day.

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