Part 7: Keep it Light. Soufflé and Sex: Have You Ever Dreamed of Going To Culinary School?


Heidi Brod- Photo Credit Genine Esposito Photography

Photo Credit Genine Esposito Photography

One crème brûlée, two caramel custards and three types of buttercream later, we have officially cooked our way through Lisa’s depression.  And with temperatures rising and falling all around Manhattan, it’s hard to get a beat on anything other than today’s lesson and whipping up the perfect chocolate soufflés.

A new lover is a lot like an untested recipe it takes time and patience to find the right blend of ingredients and the perfect amount of heat to compliment it.  And for Lisa, the sex had officially gone from Chinese take-out on a Sunday to dining at the fancy and French, Le Bernardin.  Quite simply, he was at the very top of her top ten.

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