Part 5: Have You Ever Dreamed of Going To Culinary School?


QuicheLorraineLesson 16. 32 recipes to go and I’m officially obsessed with cooking.

Every night after class, I hit Dean & Deluca. After putting the kids to bed, I practice. I cook the steak, filet the fish, add the butter, butter… more butter! Delicious. Instead of a facial, I usually get my glow from a nice bottle of Bordeaux and finally, I can relax. Cooking has become an all-consuming lover and I can’t separate from it now. No matter how exhausted I am beginning to feel. I would complete 600 hours in the kitchen and qualify to test for certification in the Culinary Arts program at ICC. At that point, I would stop, breathe and take stock of my future.

In the past two weeks, I’ve learned how to make the most amazing Brandade De Morue, or salted cod using heavy cream. I’ve also learned how to gut, filet and carefully remove any tiny, hair-like bones protruding from the spine of a fish with something that closely resembles an eyebrow Tweezer. Next came the chicken, then the duck and now I’m just praying they don’t hand me a small puppy. Although hard to stomach, I have become laser focused and fearless.

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