Late Bloomer – Have a Fruitful Fall



Let your recipes blossom.

I consider myself a late bloomer.  I had braces for years, wasn’t comfortable with myself until college and am still waiting to C if my A cup will get any bigger. We can spend so much of our lives waiting for something to happen that we miss out on fruitful experiences blooming right under our noses.

Ripen Up

It’s sweet when you realize that you are confident in something you love.  For me, cooking for friends not only gave me confidence, but new friends.  Let’s be honest.  Drinks at the bar can get old, but a planned picnic can be a novel idea for those babes on a budget.


An unctuous fruit, figs bloom late in the Summer and are at their peak in the Fall.  Being a bone density promoter, blood pressure protector and a sweet way to lose weight, figs are the perfect fruit to transition from the dog days of Summer to the blissfully beautiful Fall nights. Don’t worry if the fig doesn’t look its best on the outside.  We all know that the inside is what counts.  Just remember, check for supple skin, keep at room temperature and eat within two days.

Tartelette features Fig, Gorgonzola & Honey Tartines.  These can make the perfect appetizer for your new man’s first dinner at your place.  If you want a dessert to bring to the PTA meeting, Food and Wine’s Raspberry-and-Fig Cake will keep chatting and forgetting about the hourly paid babysitter waiting for your return.

Whatever fig recipe you choose, remember that the best things in life take time to mature.

You’ll always figure it out.


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