Heart to Heart, Back To School Means Back To Health – A Dedicated E-mail For 2 Sisters with One Mission


Did you Know?

“Among children ages 2-19, about 1 out of every 3 are overweight, even obese.”

This is a staggering statistic from the American Heart Association in a report published this year.

Lisa Jadis and Merri Gleckler, 2 Sisters With One Mission, and their team of Wellness Embassadors are determined to help “Stomp Out” childhood obesity and raise awareness about the epidemic by sharing MILA; a plant based whole raw FOOD. This epidemic is putting nearly 1/3 of America’s children at early risk for type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and even stroke- conditions usually associated with adulthood.

MILA by Lifemax was launched in October 2008 by Jim and Sherri Wear after the couple credits chia with helping Sherri battle depression.  Unlike other Chias in the marketplace, which are single strain, MILA is a proprietary BLEND of Chia which optimizes bioavailability, further enhancing its nutritional efficacy. One scoop of MILA contains more nutrition than most children consume in 1 week!

This powerful blend of seeds can reboot the body and recharge the mind with the highest amount of safe Omega 3s, non-animal protein and fiber.

MILA is NOT just for kids…it is ESSENTIAL for every BODY as it’s packed with supercharged Omega 3’s typically referred to as ‘Brain Food’!  Omega 3’s are also natural anti-inflammatorys, and inflammation is at the CORE of every illness!  Talk about Food for Thought!!!  Even better, MILA is gluten-free, trans fat free, sugar free, high in fiber and protein.  MILA is non-GMO, pesticide free, has no taste or smell and can easily be added to any food or beverage.

Why MILA? The Miracle Seed

Dr. David Nieman, Director of the Human Performance Labs for Appalachian State University at the North Carolina Research Campus—conducted a study to evaluate the effects of chia seed and omega-3s on the blood. During the seven-week study, 11 women had their blood routinely analyzed to determine if MILA omega-3 fats (ALA) could be converted to EPA/DHA (the type of fat found in fish oil) in the human body. The study proved high conversion! Furthermore, different strains of chia were compared in this study, and MILA’s fiber was “head and shoulders” above other strains with antioxidants, iron, selenium, zinc, and many other nutrients scoring higher than all other strains. Check out his video for the full report.

Lisa Jadis

In an economy that is increasingly hard to predict and bank accounts, salaries and pensions have become impossible to control, Lifemax gives you the opportunity to take back your financial life, improve your health and follow your passion for success and making a difference by becoming a Distributor.

Merri Gleckler

“With the wellness industry projected to increase to $1 TRILLION within that same time period, growth-minded entrepreneurs will be looking to Lifemax to combine the flexibility of a home-based business with the income potential of a wellness product. Are you positioned to take advantage?” – Paul Zane Pilzer, “The Next Millionaires”

So for these 2 sisters and their team of Wellness Embassadors, the proof is in the pudding… the smoothie, the PBJ sandwich and wherever else you add the MILA!!  They proudly share MILA and the Lifemax opportunity as … “together, WE can make a difference and help the children of today become the healthy adults of tomorrow!!!”

In the case of MILA, health truly does equal wealth!

Contact Lisa and Merri at wellnessambassador1@gmail.com


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