Fashion Trends: Tips on Deciding if They Are Right For You


New York Fashion Week is the perfect time to look at the latest and the greatest in trends. I am always seduced by what’s happening on the runways and hot new celebrity styles. It’s not always easy to determine if a fashion trend will be right for you though. I remember back in the 80s when parachute pants were trendy, not a good look for me, that’s for sure.

Fall fashion is upon us and I found this great post on Stylelist.com by Sally McGraw. It is How To Determine If A Fashion Trend Will Work For You and I had to share it.

She answers the following questions: Does it work within your current style? Is the trend broad? Can you find an affordable version? Does it align with your personal figure-flattery priorities?

Check out her advice here and become your own Trendy Wendy!

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