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Marc Caputo, Founder of ZenGo Fitness, Dishin’ with doB

After gaining a significant amount of weight and not feeling satisfied with at home workouts, Founder Marc Caputo discovered indoor cycling.  Wanting a physical and emotional connection through fitness, he decided to create ZenGo Fitness.  It was a way to get intense cardio in while having respites of meditative songs and yoga like stretches at the end to improv mind and body health alike.

Who: Marc Caputo of ZenGo Fitness

Where: Bethesda, Maryland

How is ZenGo different from other indoor cycling classes?

I realized that people are so crunched for time and so scheduled that they barely have time for themselves. ZenGo was created to provide not only an incredible full body workout, but also to incorporate some “me” time into the 45 minute classes. Hence the name, ZenGo. Zen is the mind body connection and Go is the action. It is truly a mental, physical and emotional release.


What motivated you most in being able to lose weight?

I have struggled with my weight my entire life, but after a few herniated discs in my back and surgery I had really gained a lot of weight and was unhappy. The spark for my motivation was hands down my girlfriend. She gave me the jumpstart and then it became a way of life.

What is your favorite workout?

Not to be biased but I essentially created the ZenGo experience to what satisfied me the most. I still love the entire experience from start to finish and love the ZenGo cycle workout.

What is your favorite dish?

My favorite dish to cook I don’t think has a name. It was something I learned 20 years ago in a cooking class and has remained my favorite for two decades. I guess it is veal scallopini a la Marc? The veal rolled with spinach, pine nuts and goat cheese cooked in a white wine sauce with a touch of honey mustard. Sounds a bit strange but so easy to make and delicious.

What is the first step in really changing your health/life?

We all have issues in our life. Whether it is weight, or work, a spouse, financially based, we all have something. Human nature is to avoid conflict and hope that it will resolve itself, but that never works. Everyone has to take a personal inventory of themselves, define what is urgent versus important and decide to take action. The first step is to literally take that first step to better choices.

Advice for people who feel stuck?

I think that is where it has to become fun again. We have all become so technologically dependent and want maximum efficiency. I see hard core cyclists all the time upset that they burned 5 or 10 less calories than the class before. I think you need to just let the numbers and calories go a little bit. Our motto is “Just Do Something” and that is very true. We all get in a rut, so just go have fun with it, whatever it is and don’t take yourself so seriously. Life is way to short!

Just Do Something!

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