Won’t Back Down Movie Screening With The Moms



Be Kind

I recently had the opportunity to go to an early screening of the film Won’t Back Down starring Maggie Gyllenhaal and Viola Davis.  Focused on reworking a failing public school system, two mothers with different backgrounds and no political agendas start to make a change.  Directed by Daniel Barnz, this film shows how two women risk everything to build a better system for their children.

Be Accepting

The event, hosted by Denise Albert and Melissa Gerstein of The Moms and the One2One Network, was filled with positive energy and affirmations. Focused on connecting like-minded people and brands through social media and technology, One2One helped to create awareness of issues such as bullying.  Partnering with Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation and GazziliWorld, every person at the screening wrote a powerful message on colorful and motivating Post-its to promote anti-bullying.  Filled with messages like “It gets better” and “The change is in you,” each person had the opportunity to inspire someone else.


Be Amazing

After a motivating and empowering talk back, I believe most of us were ready for a change.  Whether or not you have children, this movie will inspire you to be passionate about something.  Your background and education don’t matter.  As long as you have passion, you can do anything.

Be You!

doB tip: Go to Office Depot to purchase motivating Post-its and other products to remind yourself everyday how beautifully powerful you are. You will feel good knowing 25% of the sales price will go to the Born This Way Foundation.

Special thanks to Office Depot, Born This Way Foundation, Ladies Home Journal, GazziliWorld, Martini and 20th Century Fox for making the event possible.  Won’t Back Down is in theaters everywhere September 28th.


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