Temperatures Falling, Hot Colors Rising



Nicole Simonetti of Gloss and Glam

As summer comes to a close, so does the bright makeup trend.

While vibrant eyeshadow and lipstick shades were what you wanted to wear, it’s time to embrace the darker shades for Fall. You might think it sounds a little somber, but don’t worry. The right bold, rich colors will leave you feeling sultry and sexy, and there is nothing sad about that!


Metallic smoky eyeshadows are what you’re going to want to invest in this Fall season. Look for charcoal or chocolate brown shades enhanced with shimmer. Try shades like Urban Decay’s “Gunmetal” Vintage eyeshadow ($17), Bobbi Brown’s “Black Plum” shimmer wash eyeshadow ($21) and Smashbox’s “Stone” cream eyeshadow ($19). The sparkle behind the shadow will brighten your dark look—not to mention, it will bring attention to your naturally beautiful eyes.


To keep your lips on trend this Fall, you may have to step out of your makeup comfort zone. Look for deep, rich lipsticks like MAC’s “Hang Up” ($14.50), Tom Ford’s “Black Orchid” ($48), and Gloss and Glam’s favorite, Chanel’s “Rivoli” Rouge Coco lipstick ($32.50). Wearing these colors will leave you feeling sexy, bold and confident. Because they are such dramatic colors, be sure to use lip liner! You don’t want that pretty color running off your lips.


There is one huge rule regarding this fall’s trends: do not put the two together! Since the makeup is so dark, it will look very overdone if you choose to wear dark eye shadow with dark lipstick. If you choose to wear a metallic black eye shadow, keep your lips nude. If you want to wear your burgundy lipstick, keep your eyes neutral.

Fallin love with your darker side.


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