Sippin’ Pretty – Mrs. Lilien’s Summer Cocktail Swatchbook



For and endless summer, paint by numbers…or rather cocktails.

If you are like me, you can’t wait for brunch with the girls and a good cocktail becomes as valuable as liquid gold.  Bad boy break-ups, unbearable blind dates, husbands, past and present, and even last minute deadlines can have you running for the finish line hoping your trophy comes in a salted margarita glass.

Love on the rocks…but in a good way.

Loosen your top-knot because we have a find that will have you itching to let your hair down.  With all of the drink choices out there, it can get frustratingly repetitive to have the same Skinny Girl Margarita or calorie conscious Vodka and soda with lime.


Enter Mrs. Lilien’s Cocktail Swatchbook.  With fifty classic cocktail recipes at your fingertips you can quickly pull off your sister’s trusted martini or try a brunch punch that’ll unlock all of the secrets of the sisterhood for the ladies who power lunch.

Joy the Baker knows her desserts, but her Irish Coffee can make that cool Saturday morning stroll a steamy European-like adventure.  Bon appetit’s Strawberry-Balsamic Smash keeps it classy with a cucumber but muddles it up enough to help you find your own Christian Grey.  Or, head to The Huffington Post to pick one of their 50 Summer Cocktails to end the season right.

Whatever your poison, don’t drink enough to have you falling off the porch.

No one likes a sloppy Sally.  The man that does isn’t the man for you.

Don’t kid yourself.  An endless summer is kinda like Santa Claus.

Stir things up and you just might start believing in them both.


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