Shirley Pinkson of W3LL PEOPLE’s Makeup in a Minute



I don’t know about you, but I find it hard to fit it all in a day. With kids, career (careers for some of us), gym, relationships and everything else that pops up…wouldn’t it be nice if we could just add a few more hours to it?

Crazy schedules are so common these days, that anything that you can do in a minute is a real treasure; this article 1-Minute Makeup on well + GOOD certainly falls under that category.

Shirley Pinkson co-founder and creator of W3LL PEOPLE a beauty brand that’s three core principles are advanced performance, premium 100% natural/organic ingredients, and sustainability, shared with well + GOOD three products to cut down application time. She recommends Narcissist Stick Foundation, a creamy organic foundation $38, Universalist Multi-Use Stick $38 and suggested a natural mascara.


You can find W3LL PEOPLE at one of doB’s favorite NYC stores, Henri Bendel. This is a beauty brand that will not only make you look good but you can feel good about wearing!

Pinkson also included application tips, to get the full story and her tips, read the article on well + GOOD, click here.

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