Say Wello To Your Hot New Body – Video Chat Personal Training



Get the skinny and tone up while you’re doing it.

It’s Sunday morning, and your Saturday night blowout has created a cowlick so dangerously awful you are awaiting an arrest from the fashion police.  You know you need to work off those rum and diets, but the rainy weather is making French toast and a French press sound like the perfect morning.

Slimmer Down.


Wello is a new Web service that makes it possible for you to have a live two-way video chat with a personal trainer.  First, create a profile providing information about your health, goals and what equipment you may have at home.  Next, choose a trainer.  Pick a pilates pro or the hot marathon man (we won’t tell).  You can set up ideal times that fit your lifestyle and buy a package to keep you, like me, financially motivated. Track your success and whittle your waistline.

No downloads are required, and almost any computer with a webcam will work.  Prices vary by instructor, but you can be sure you’ll find a pro to fit your budget. Wello even offers 25% off your first session.

My 25 minute session with Willie Moore was informative and tough.  I broke a sweat in 5 minutes and Willie made sure to push me to plank until exhaustion, all which making sure my back pain was under control.

Whether you hate public gyms and are looking for something more intimate or are the Queen of convenience, Wello is worth a try.

This season get tech savvy with a new trainer and Fall in love with the results. You never know where a healthier lifestyle might leaf you.


  • I think personal training delivered through the net is a growing and indeed viable option for many who either don’t have the time or perhaps the money to pay for a one-to-one session in their local gym. As this is still a relatively new concept in the delivery on personal fitness it will be interesting to see how well it is adopted and whether it is as effective from a results perspective, as having an actual “in person” trainer in your gym or at home.

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