Meat Me On The Lighter Side – Light Turkey Meatballs



Put a spotlight on dinner.

When it comes to meat I rarely cheat.  I love filet mignon, turkey sandwiches and Chiavetta’s chicken (a Buffalo specialty).  I’ve tried the Meatless Mondays, but by the time I finish my Friday evening workout I want the power of protein to keep me up long nights lying with my muscular man.  Thank goodness for Martha Stewart because now I can perfect the meatball while still searching for the cajones to perfect my relationships.

Back to basics.

Who doesn’t like coming home to spaghetti and meatballs?  I can remember being in high school preparing for an important track meet the next day with the coach insisting on a carb heavy meal the night before.  We don’t all train like athletes, but it would be nice to eat a lighter version of the comfort food we all love.


Fitsugar featured these turkey meatballs as an alternative to carb loaded pizza.  You’ll satisfy your Italian craving without making an over eating mistake.  Take the original cue from Martha and show off your culinary skills.  One substitution I like to make is using ground turkey breast instead of just ground turkey.  You will be making a lower fat, heart healthy choice.

Meatless Mondays, Try something new Tuesdays, Wild Salmon Wednesdsays.  There are so many rules to try following, that our heads can begin spinning like a merry go round.  Keep it simple and focus on small healthy changes.

Life is too short.  Lighten up! 


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