Find Your Outer Celebrity at Home Hollywood Makeover


The Heidi Klum

Change of season usually results in a need to change our look. Did you ever look at a celebrity and think, could I wear my hair like that”? Frankly, I wish I had discovered this InStyle Hollywood Makeover Tool prior to my senior year photo. You know the one I am talking about! This could have saved me from choosing the wrong hairdo…too bad they don’t have an app for picking the wrong guy.

Any tool to save me from the tool I ended up stuck with on prom night.

Anyway, enough about my me, this cool tool allows you to try all of your fav celeb hairstyles, on your own uploaded picture.  You can choose from short, long, bobbed, updos, bangs, change color and even add lowlights or highlights. If that is not enough, you can change your makeup, lip color, lashes, eyeliner, shadow and even change the color of your eyes! So much fun, I have to warn you, a bit addicting. My suggestion, get with your besties, girls or boys (oh yes, they can try on the Pattinson or get the Bieber fever) and just have some fun.

I decided to have a little play with the Makeover Tool myself and had to share with you to appreciate!

The Kim Kardashian

Rockin’ The Rachel

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