Back to School Mini Manicure



I recently had to get my kid’s school supplies for back to school. The list came home and there was no shortage of Crayola products, for sure. Everything from crayons to markers and paper to paints was needed for the much anticipated school year. I don’t know about you, but back to school could not come quick enough!


I immediately started my online search for the best store to get all of these items. During my GOOGLE hunt I came across the most fabulous Crayola product yet. Ladies get ready to channel your inner child; Crayola Mini N ail Polishes have arrived! This bright box of beauties perfectly packaged in the classic Crayola carton has 8 awesome colors: Metallic Orange, Metallic Cotton Candy, Robin’s Egg Blue, Scarlet, Plum, Blue Bell, Glitter Wild Strawberry and Glitter Canary.

It is a must have for every girl’s primary supply list, but I’d leave this one out of the backpack.

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