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Bogi Yogi?

I had a “backcident.” I could not stand up straight, let alone walk.  Since this is a recurring problem, many people have told me to try yoga.  Loving sweat induced, heart pumping cardio, I was quite snobbish assuming yoga was for wimps.

Free your mind and body.


I found myself at The Yoga Room’s Yoga in the Park one Sunday morning. The views, the asanas and the support of the people around converted me.  Feeling refreshed, the following week I also took class at SLT’s brand new yoga studio led by Erin Jacques . I’ve been hooked on Hatha ever since.  Wanting to go even further, I’ve convinced my friends to make the trek to Growing Heart Farm which hosts farm-to-table yoga dinners ($60) and is easily accessible through Metro North.


Now able to balance my mind and body, I wanted balance my wardrobe as well. Throwing out those free t-shirts and college shorts, I can’t wait to invest in Tracy Anderson’s new luxurious line of working leggings for Edition01.  Designed to support the four body types, I’m excited to try on the glutecentric pair perfect for me.  More cost effective, these Lululemon Astro Wunder Under Crop Pants are as hot as your new yoga body will be.  Anjali’s Kosa Crop Leggings also give extra coverage to the junk in the trunk.

Moving on up, Splits 59’s Farah Scoop Back Support Tank is high on my list with Athleta’s Horizon Tank not far behind.  Look on the bright side, carry all of your new gear in this uplifting Daily Gym Bag from Lululemon.

Take a risk.  A new workout, a new wardrobe and new attitude.  Your positive energy will make you glow.



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