Vegetarian Diet Tips Shared by Dr. Oz



Dr. Mehmet Oz has inspired so many people to live healthier lifestyles. He’s taught us about Super foods, supplements, diet and everything that’s good for us. Recently, the TV doc talked about his own eating habits and shared tips on his vegetarian diet on a video for People TV.

Dr. Oz comes clean saying “I grew up eating a steak every night with mashed potatoes. It was a routine, kind of how my mom showed her love for me was to make that meal.”  He credits his wife Lisa, who is a vegetarian for his new diet. Dr. Oz added, “I learned that you can be a vegetarian and eat food that tastes just as good as if you’re not.” He also said, “The foods that we eat right now tend to be foods that come out of the ground looking just the way they look when I eat them. They’re unadulterated, they’re real foods. I try to eat them raw if I can.”

His advice to others, “Figure out what gives you energy and what saps your energy, you will be a better support for people around you.”

Well said, Dr. Oz!

Watch his full video.

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