Reduce Your Stress, Relax and Just Spa


According to the American Medical Association stress is a factor in more than 75 percent of illnesses today. Our day-to-day can often be hectic with kids, careers and a million other commitments. It is so important to take time for ourselves to recharge our battery but we often don’t. Why?

I say take the time and Spa! It is a place that offers overall well-being and the perfect place to reconnect your mind and body.

I spoke to Jill Carlen, General Manager of Bliss 57 and here are her tips to help you enjoy your (much needed) day at the spa.

  1. Ask friends and colleagues for recommendations for spas and therapists, always a great place to start. Don’t just go for the online deal, sometimes they’re great but sometimes they’re abbreviated versions of the real thing or have lots of restrictions.
  2. If you have to cancel or change your appointment, make sure to adhere to the cancellation policy to avoid being charged
  3. Make sure to specify if you prefer a male or female therapist.
  4. Tell your technician if you are on any medication, pregnant or nursing.
  5. Arrive early enough to get comfortable and relax, there is usually a form to fill out so make sure to leave time for that and to enjoy the spas amenities. If you’re late, your treatment time may be shortened.
  6. Speak up!  Therapists want you to enjoy your service so let them know of any questions or concerns. Even during the treatment, they’d rather you tell them if the pressure isn’t what you want so they can adjust to your liking. Feel free to tell your therapist you just want to relax too if you prefer not to chat.
  7. Leave valuables at home including children and pets! And please turn off cell phones, most spas have a no cell phone policy.
  8. Robes and slippers are the norm at most spas and its customary to take off everything underneath. Trained professionals are experts at draping you appropriately during the service. Just ask for disposable undergarments if you are uncomfortable, most spas are happy to provide them.  You can wear your underwear but you may get oil or lotion on them during treatment so it’s recommended that you remove them. Plus some massage beds are heated, heaven!
  9. For quick services like waxing or nails, usually you just go right in the room or designated area but if you want to partake of the spa or change into a robe and slippers, just ask.
  10. blissworld.com

    If you are receiving a waxing service, don’t shave for at least 5 days before so the hair is long enough to remove. Shaving actually does make waxing more painful, the more you wax, the easier it gets!

  11. 15-20% gratuity is customary but it’s definitely up to you. Its recommended that you tip on the full price of the service if you receive a discount and you can usually leave the tip in an envelope or on your credit card at the front desk when checking out. Make sure though to check in advance as some spas only accept cash gratuities.
  12. Don’t feel obligated to buy products but most therapists really are experts and believe in the products they recommend. Typically they will suggest specific products just for you.
  13. Relax and enjoy your services!  If you don’t, let them know when you checkout so the front desk or manager can do something about it right then and there. Most spas want to make it right as quickly as possible if there was an issue.
  14. Make sure to spread the word if you loved your service, the technician or  the spa! Many spas (like Bliss’s Glow it All Club) have loyalty or referral programs that have great benefits.

dishin’ tip: Check out International Spa Association’s SPA 101 to learn about different types of spas, choosing a spa and a spa glossary. Really helpful if you are a novice spa goer!

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