Lux & Eco, a new luxury goods site which will cater to the eco-conscious, is revealing a sneak peak of the unique brands that promote stylish sustainability.

LuxandEco.com promotes an eco chic lifestyle: all the pleasures of high quality, exceptionally crafted brands with the reassurance that the products selected have minimal impact on the environment. Eco consumers can also make a “purchase with purpose” whereby they can select a non-profit partner to donate 5 % of their sale to.


Lux and Eco was founded by international model and health advocate, Lasse Larsen and entrepreneur/model/recording artist Jacquelyn WillardAfter witnessing some of the more unethical practices of the fashion industry, both resolved that luxury goods need not come at a great human or environmental cost.

Lasse Larsen, C.E.O. said, “I wanted to be part of a company that dared be different at almost any cost.” Jacquelyn Willard, C.M.O. commented, “I have a deep affection for nature, and believe that by making the issues of sustainability a priority when making every purchase decision, we can literally change the world.”


The pair have assembled some impressive brands including: Christy Turlington’s award winning Ayruvedic skin care line – Sundari, Gunas handbags – a unique collection of luxury, vegan, purses and accessories, and Dayna Decker‘s famously seductive eco chic candles.

Lux and Eco recently partnered with renowned non-profits: The Rainforest Foundation, Falling Whistles, The Blind Project, The Dolphin Project, Operation Warm,  City Harvest, Global Green and Thrive Alive.

A company that caters to the lifestyle of the eco chic consumer, it doesn’t get better then that!

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