How Sweet It Is



In Sweden, many live by the motto of modesty.

Work hard but don’t work your life away
Buy the nice house but don’t make your self, house-poor
Look hot but not too hot
Be chatty but not too chatty
Do well but not too well
The list goes on forever…

There is nothing modest about swedes and their candy.  We invented the amazing concept of “Saturday candy”.

Saturday is the day when every swede regardless of age, gender or social status wakes up, takes their whole paycheck and spends it all on candy.  Pick and mix candy, salty, sweet, sour or flavored marshmallows.  We always finish the whole curated bag that same day.

“The idea of composing your own candy bag is a dream come true to everyone. Sometimes we feel like something sour and sweet at the same time… and sometimes we need chocolate but mixed with some fruity surprises…it all depends on how we feel, our mood, the weather…you could say that each person’s candy bag reflects the state of mind of that person.”  This is the inspiration for Sockerbit, a streamlined, sexy store in Manhattan with all of their sweet and savory treats available on-line.

Everything in moderation but at Sockerbit only in combination!

Other favorites the salted covered caramel, strawberry licorice, raspberry Ferrari cars, vanilla marshmallow mushrooms, salty foam bananas.



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