How Much Poison Should We Feed Our Children Today?


By Max Goldberg

Every now and again we meet someone at doB who shares our passion for organic, healthy food.  Food that is free from pesticides and GMO’s, food for the soul that can make our children heart-healthy and strong.

Max Goldberg, after 11 years of antidepressants, smoking and drinking took charge of his own health and started to educate himself on organic food and how we can protect ourselves from the hidden toxins, many government approved.  He’s been profiled on CNN and in the New York Times and is a regular blogger on Huffington Post.


“It shocked me that nearly everything was tainted with toxic pesticides insecticides, growth hormones and preservatives.”

With autism and allergy on the rise, it’s important we all ask how much poison is acceptable to feed our children.

Click here and check out Max Goldberg’s answer to this question as well as startling facts about government approved substances hidden in many of the foods we feed our children every day.

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