Finally, a piece of pie you won’t have to fight over?



The sweet life of Pie.

Before molecular gastronomy, there was pie.

Sweet and simple with oozing, fruity goodness.


In my house, we can never decide, strawberry, apple or blueberry.  Thanks to the Spoon Sisters – Why bake one?  When you can do two at the same time. This ingenious pan includes two inserts for creating either a traditional full size pie, or two halves. Make two sweet halves at once – one savory and one sweet. If you love to bake, this pan is a must-have.


For a true crowd-pleaser try the surprise inside, Cupcake and Muffin Pan.  I baked cherries into my favorite chocolate cupcakes and topped them with buttercream icing.  Easy and impressive or just the perfect gift.

As an at-home chef, I love fresh herbs.  The cover in these herb pods isolates the greens and the water keeps them fresh.  I use it to store fresh basil and it saves me time and money!


My absolute favorite! As seen on the Today Show, these pet goldfish garbage bags are ridiculously cute and a great gift for the girl who has everything, including a sense of humor.


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