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Lisa Friedlander, Founder of Activity Rocket, Dishin’ with doB

Lisa Friedlander reached a point where she and a friend were frustrated with the entire kids’ activity process.  Wondering why it took minutes to search, find and book an airline ticket but hours to find a music class on a Tuesday afternoon inspired them to create Activity Rocket, a website to search and share activities occurring in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC.

Who: Lisa Friedlander of Activity Rocket

Where: Activityrocket.com

Why is Activity Rocket so important?

Similar to how the airline and the restaurant industry existed prior to revolutionary sites like Expedia and Open Table, the activity provider industry is completely disconnected from its target audience – parents. Time and money are lost. Activity Rocket provides a one-stop-shop experience similar to Expedia and Open Table where customers are no longer required to visit multiple websites to find what they are looking for and make a purchase. It’s efficient, it’s quick and it’s easy.

What age do you cater to?

Activity Rocket currently serves kids ages 0-18.

How did you find time to create a business while being a mother?

My partner Ilene Miller and I are lawyers by profession. Since the birth of our children (5 between us under the age of 11), we have not been fulfilled in the working world. We decided we wanted to go into business together and focused on things in our daily lives as moms that were painful and needed to be improved. Finding time to do anything meaningful is always hard with young kids. Early morning and late in the evening become prime work hours. You give up your time but what you learn and how much you grow makes the loss of personal time actually a gain in personal experiences.

What activity do you love to do with your children most?

My kids love to play sports, go to the movies, and travel. As for a specific activity we all play together, I would have to say sports, sports and more sports.

What are your favorite beauty products?

I am brand agnostic and have to say not very schooled in beauty products. I wish I had time to comb over all the amazing sites out there talking about beauty tips and trends. That is why I love doB! All the info I could ever want in one place delivered to my inbox everyday!

An item you never leave home without?

For me, sadly, my Blackberry. My kids are pushing me constantly for an iPhone, but I have not made the big switch. Also I am a bit compulsive with hand cream and lipstick or some type of gloss.

Favorite family meal?

Maryland crabs in the summertime!

Cook at home or eat out?

For me and my kids, eat out for sure. My husband, HOME HOME HOME!

Advice for any parents trying to start something similar in their hometown?

Would love to get other parents involved in creating Activity Rockets – contact me anytime – lisa@activityrocket.com.

One small discovery by doB, Activity Rocket is one giant leap for parentkind!

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