The Vitamin Prescription (for life) by Richard N. Firshein



After the birth of my daughter, I began to suffer a series of health issues that interfered with the organic process of motherhood.  The process of pregnancy depleted my body of its natural resources to fight off illness.  I was tired, sick and depressed.  After several rounds of doctors and countless antibiotics, I finally found Dr. Richard N. Firshein at the Firshein Center For Comprehensive Medicine.

He custom-tailored a program that literally, brought me back to life.   I finally had the energy to take on my multiple roles as wife, working mother, daughter and friend.  Eventually, I lost the extra 30 pounds I was carrying around, weight I had gained in search of energy and an immediate blood sugar rush.  The results were astounding.

I’ve honestly never felt or looked better and I am thankful for the indivualized program Dr. Firshein created so I could get up and glow!


It’s important to mention, doB isn’t on anyone’s payroll.  We speak the truth about those who share our mission, beauty from the inside out for the over-committed woman.  Dr. Firshein has become a wonderful friend and mentor.  He is tireless in his pursuit and continues to inspire.

In The Vitamin Prescription (for life) his philosophy is accessible to everyone.

“Vitamin’s, super-nutrients and nutraceuticals are figuring more prominently in the treatment and prevention of a wide range of conditions.  From Fish oils for heart disease to Vitamin D to boost immunity, natural remedies are becoming a part of everyday healing practices.”

We’re dedicated to cleaning up our act and weeding through all of the organic beauty booty to let you know what works and what doesn’t  deliver.

Dr. Firshein’s modern approach to medicine was my miracle.  Check out the piece on Huffington Post if you haven’t already!

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