The Sweetest Thing


Double Chocolate Pedicure at Bliss Spa

This little piggy went to Barney’s. This little piggy stayed at Dylan’s Candy shop. This little Piggy had a massage.

And this little Piggy went wee-wee-wee all the way to Bliss Spa for a sinfully delicious, Double Chocolate Pedicure.

Sink into your chair and let the candy colored Essie polishes hanging on the wall transport you to Wonka-land. Sit back and unwind with a scoop of delicious chocolate ice cream while soaking your tired feet in a warm bath of velvety chocolate water.

First, Nails are clipped and filed; soles are pumiced and whipped into shape. Next, legs are exfoliated with a luscious cream that smells like freshly baked cookies. Finish with a coat of Essie’s rich Lady Godiva polish on your toes while watching reruns of Sex and the City on the flat-screen TV in front of you. All that’s missing is a Cosmopolitan and for a small price, they can probably arrange that too.

Bliss 57, 12 West 57th Street (877-862-5477 or blissworld.com)


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