Lose Weight



Give yourself some recess and really feel the burn.

I lost six.  No, I’m not talking about pounds, but rather weight.

During Spring cleaning, I realized I had about six pounds of a faithfully unfaithful ex’s very nice clothing stashed under my bed in the event that I’d pull out my VHS copy of The Craft and channel old school Neve Campbell.  Ready to chuck it over the Queensboro Bridge, a friend reminded me, “Don’t let a bad person stop you from doing something good for others.”  So, the clothing was donated.


GoRecess is an amazing new national website focused on helping you shape up.  You may not know what style of fitness works best for you, so let GoRecess give you a list of options to try out. Put in your zip code, desired date, a style of exercise and GoRecess will pull up tons of classes in your area.  Read reviews, see prices and book them right then and there. Like co-founder Billy Arzt says, “Wherever you are traveling or whatever the time of day you can fit in your workout, GoRecess can help make it happen.”

Now that I’m stuck with the belly fat that our love for craft beer added on.   I find it almost impossible to workout between three jobs, classes, social commitments and avoiding dust bunny domination.

Starting now, I’m finding the time to get fit.

Finding a fairly new spinning studio near me was key.  GoRecess sent me right to Crank where I snapped on my complementary shoes for 45 minutes of intensely motivating cardio ($23 per class). Free water and towels helped me wipe and rehydrate the physical and emotional pounds I was not losing, but throwing away. Being on the beautiful waterfront overlooking Manhattan didn’t hurt either.

If you still want to do more research, the blog, RateYourBurn, lists classes with real reader ratings and specifics on their instructors, including a post on the hottest “manstructors.”  While their service is only in New York and Boston right now, we have a feeling something this awesome will catch on quickly.

Find your inner motivation and get moving!


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