The Meat Cheat


Building A Better Burger

Photo Credit: nytimes.com

Ah, Memorial Day.  The day when we all (most importantly) remember those who have died serving our nation.  In recent years it has become a time when we also fondly try on our white pants again, create divine drinks and binge on burgers.  Since we are officially kicking off swimsuit season, perhaps it is time to kick the crap and build a better burger.

Forego the fat.

As a proud meat eater, I know I would never be able to fully give up those juicy beef patties. That doesn’t mean I can’t use a substitute now and then or put on healthier toppings to still fight my O-negative iron cravings while making sure the only soft buns are the ones on the burger.

Photo Credit: huffingtonpost.com

The Huffington Post features a black bean burger that is cholesterol and fat free while still providing high amounts or iron, fiber, vitamins and minerals. For the vegan looking to enjoy the Spring soirees, a falafel burger does the trick.  Low in sodium but rich in protein, these perfect patties are a great change. Fishing around for another choice?  A tuna burger will fill your heart with omega-3 fatty acids while saving your skin as well.  Lastly, and certainly my favorite, was the quinoa and greens burger featured in the New York Times.  The completely meat free burger was so delicious I already plan to make them at my next rooftop cookout. Remember, any burger minus the bun also saves those calories for the inevitable cooling cocktail.

Any change is hard, but I’ve learned that quite often, it is for the best.

Moo-ve over beef…healthier options coming through.



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