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The Secret To Wrinkle Free Skin

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I have found the fountain of youth. Unfortunately, it isn’t a one sip solution.

While languishing in the outdoor relaxation area of the most idyllic spa at the One and Only Palmilla in gorgeous Cabo San Lucas, I met a lovely lady in her 70’s that had clearly just had a face lift. We were both in robes, relaxing to the sounds of birds chirping and water cascading while waiting for our treatments. We started chatting about how long the lift would last, and she giggled and told me that her surgeon told her she could avoid any further treatments if she stopped moaning at her husband!

This just reminded me that we so often forget that stress is a significant cause and contributor to almost every skin complaint you can dream of or have nightmares about ranging from acne, eczema, rosacea to the ever present wrinkles, dull skin and skin sagging.

Stress causes the release of a hormone called cortisol. Picture a dump truck racing around your blood vessels spilling toxins at every twist and turn. This toxic chemical can destroy your immune system, decrease your muscle mass, cause thinning of the skin, accelerate skin aging and wrinkling and make blood vessels under skin more prominent.

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When you are under stress, the essential nutrients are redirected or essentially hijacked from your skin to your vital organs, such as heart, brain and lungs. If you hijack these nutrients for long periods of time, your skin renewal slows down and your skin will look dull and lifeless.

Stress is a water guzzler, causing your skin to be dehydrated and riddled with tiny dehydrating wrinkles that resemble a well-travelled road map. In addition, stress releases free radicals which are scavengers that behave like little Pac men attacking healthy skin cells. This means that your skin can suffer from damage caused by oxidation similar to a potato that goes brown when left out in the open. The skin is now more prone to wrinkles and damage from the environment.

The good news is that learning how to handle your level of stress will help reduce the effects of aging on your skin. The next time you are faced with something that is stressing you, maybe your mantra should be “is it worth a wrinkle?”

My meditation teacher, Lama Karma Chötso. A great example of learning how to deal with stress. 63 and not a wrinkle on her face.

Don’t crinkle under the wrinkle.


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