Morning Glory


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A Better Way To Start The Day

Good Morning, Sunshine!

Ah, beautiful words we’d all love to hear said by the handsome love of our life after eight hours of beauty sleep, while awakening to a sunny day filled with new, healthy and delicious possibilities.  My reality; waking up alone disrupting my dream of being in the middle of The Avengers male cast. Then, just in time, since I forgot to set my alarm, I throw on a wrinkled outfit and stuff a muffin in my bag to go.

Morning Mourning.

Gwyneth Paltrow and goop got advice from Dr. Frank Lipman of the Eleven Eleven Wellness Center.  Their findings have been keeping me full of energy. Also, by starting the day off right, I’ll feel confident to make consistently healthy choices throughout the night (okay, the ‘beer goggles’ kiss wasn’t one of them).  My favorite is their Veggie Omelet.  In addition to their vegetable recommendations, I add garlic to mine to receive that powerful antibiotic boost.  If you are looking for something to take with you, the Chocolate Love Smoothie is the best way to have dessert for breakfast while the Pina Colada satisfies that vacation craving.

Photo Credit goop.com


Not only will the processed sugar make my hormones spiral out of control, but my energy will soon crash forcing my body to crave something even worse soon after.  Without healthy fats and protein, my afternoon meeting will be interrupted by my bumbling belly, and I certainly won’t power through an evening spinning class.

After thinking about breaking my bad breakfast habits, I decided to challenge a few others as well.  Since the last time I took a cooking class was as a newly single eager learner in a group filled with couples finger feeding each other, I decided to trust the internet this time.  The Huffington Post names 10 Bad Cooking Habits You Should Break such as not letting your meat rest or overfilling your pan.  Hopefully my newly learned techniques will keep my fingers on the food to satisfy any new very hungry dude.

It’s time to start your day the healthy way.

Rise and Shine!



  • Those are 10 simple things that will really make you a better chef at home! And I always add garlic to my eggs, some people think it’s weird but I love the flavor and antioxidant boost!

    • I completely agree. Lately I have actually been adding dill to mine. Give it a try, you made get addicted to the fresh flavor!

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