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Photo Credit littledoeislove.com

A custom based accessory company, Littledoe creates pieces for clients seeking a unique voice through style using handcrafted pieces inspired by nature, beauty and love.  With a new wedding collection, Littledoe will inspire even the most romantic at heart to fall in love with themselves first and then accessorize the beauty already glowing from within.

Who: Chase Cohl of Littledoe

Where: Littledoeislove.com, with stores in California and New York

How was Littledoe conceived? I started Littledoe as a hobby when I was in college in New York. I was working full time in fashion and feeling a bit dreary staring at racks and racks of mass produced clothing items, dreaming about having something unique to just me.


Photo Credit littledoeislove.com

Where do you get your inspiration from? I am constantly inspired. Life is so strange and whimsical, and I think if you keep your eyes open and just ride the wave, then you can always be pleasantly surprised. My inspiration comes from the natural world, the trees, the dirt, the idea of living off of the land and the stories that the life of a nature lover entails.

Is there a specific accessory every woman should own? I think every woman should own a great wide brimmed hat. There is something so timeless about women in hats, anywhere from old 1920’s imagery to someone like Marianne Faithfull or Cher in a big floppy brimmed number.

What is your favorite piece from your collections? I’d say the mineral hat, which I wear in black with a navy wrapped band and a massive raw quartz crystal on the side of it.

Whose style do you most admire? Oh there are so many people! But if I could raid anyone’s wardrobes, I would have to say it’s a tie between Bryan Jones and Billy Gibbons. I just love a good embroidered bell bottom.

Favorite food at the Littledoe office? We are total snackers. Salt and vinegar almonds, diet Snapple and anything involving kale.

Must have beauty products? This French company called YonKa makes the best products. I have been using them for ages. They have a three step face mask that I try to do at least twice a week as it strips away all the dead skin and dryness that can build up when you gypsy around as much as I do. In way of makeup, Nars lipstick pencil in Dragon Girl and YSL liquid eyeliner just creates the best Bardot eye on the planet.

Any advice to young girls who may want to create their own accessories? Don’t give up. I think when things are meant to work out, they find their own way of blossoming in a really beautiful sense. If it feels right it probably is.

Think it.  Feel it.  Style it.



  • I love this article because it inspires me to strike out on my own. Always great to read about someone else’s success. Liked the part about the hats. Cleaning out my home in anticipation of selling, I found about 20 hats from the forties. Don’t quite know what I can do with them, but I definitely decided to save them. Maybe I can retool them and sell on Etsy.

    Great also to read about the eyeliner. Would love to have those sultry Bardot eyes so I will definitely check out the YSL liner.

    Thanks for the short and sweet interview that covered a variety of topics.

  • Um, WOW! Love their stuff, and I’ve never heard of them before. So cool!!!

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