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Grace For President
Author Kelly S. DiPucchio, Illustrations by LeUyen

Gone are the princesses in this awesome fairytale book for a new generation of fearless young women.  GRACE FOR PRESIDENT takes us far beyond the goal of finding a handsome prince and shacking up in some fairy tale castle…Glam girls Dipucchio and Pham take our little ladies all the way to the steps of The White House and as a wife and a mother, I’m thrilled to go along for the ride.

“Where are the girls?”

This is the question on young Grace’s mind after looking at pictures of presidents, past and president.  Responding to Grace’s shock, her teacher Mrs. Barrington arranges for an election in which Grace must run against her classmate, Tom.  It looks like popular Tom will win since the boys have the most electoral votes, so he just sits back while Grace advances campaign promises.

Girl’s Rule…

No surprises here.  Grace eventually wins the race when her class decides she’s the best ‘person’ for the job.

Here’s to a new generation of female writers with strong, smart and savvy young female protagonists.  These books are both ‘feminist’ and ‘fairy tales’.

After all, isn’t it time we stop waiting for our prince charming and start slaying our own dragons?


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