Club W Wine Delivery Service


Quit Your Whining 

Dating Dilemma:

It’s your first night together, and his suit is saying savvy while your conversation is clearly classy.  He asks what bottle of wine to order and you reply, “white.”  We’ve all been there, knowing we either like sweet or dry.  Now, there is a wine-delivery service that will have you asking him, “Syrah or Chardonnay?” and “Spain or France?”

Club WClub W’s service brings three bottles a month directly to your home picked by curators who were former sommeliers. They analyze your palette based on a few quick questions you’ll answer on their site.  For $39 you can choose three of their picks with any additional wine costing $13 a bottle.  My first recommendations were a 2012 Love Drunk Rose, 2012 Vinum Chardonnay and a 2009 Bodegas Angosto Red. I really don’t know much about the wines, but now I’m ready to invite my gals over to help me get more acquainted.

Each wine has a featured video filling your glass with more information about your choice, an ideal date location (a secret soiree at the hottest underground club) and the best foods to pair with it.  Shipping is free on your selections made from twelve new bottles presented every month. They guarantee no commitment is necessary which is more than you can say for your earlier dinner date!

You may not be a sommelier, but Club W can help you start to feel like one.  Travel the world with your palette. You never know where that inspiration might take you.

Unwind with your personal glass of wine.



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