Cat Eye Sunglasses


Bottega Veneta

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Feline Frisky?

The eye of the tiger.

There are many ways for women to feel frisky, but I want to promote the safer, more fashionable way to do it.  Retro is back in the most feminine way. Made famous by Audrey Hepburn, cat eye sunglasses will make you look sensibly sexy at a power lunch or ferociously frisky on your date with Liam Hemsworth (dreams can come true, right?!).

Cat got your…style?

Popular in the 1950’s and 1960’s, you can easily give this Marilyn Monroe style a modern twist by clawing at some of doB’s favorite picks. Not only will your eyes look evocative, but your peepers will be protected as well.  Protecting your eyes from UV rays, wind, debris and dirt makes wearing sunglasses just as important as slathering on that sunscreen.

Tom Ford

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Looking to spend your tax refund wisely? These Bottega Veneta glasses will have you attending that conference in style, impressing the partner with not only your killer presentation, but also the poise with which you entered the room. The Tom Ford Madison pair will have you strutting sexy from 5th Avenue to walking in as President of the PTA meeting.  For a lot less, put your paws on this pastel pair from RayBan that’ll take you right through the April showers into the bright May flowers.  Finally, for the trendy girl on a budget, this Kathmere pair, seen in various style magazines, are perfectly priced. You may even want to buy your best friend a pair, especially to wear the morning after your Cinco de Mayo celebrations this weekend.

This Spring is the season for Catwoman, whichever pair you choose.


Ray Ban

Photo Credit solsticesunglasses.com


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