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A Kitchit Dinner Party
Be our guest!

Are you waiting for Lumiere to light the fire and for Mrs. Potts to set the table?  Most girls dream of living in a Disney fantasy where gowns are laid out for them to wear to a multi-course dinner prepared by singing silverware, while their beast of a man turns out to be Prince Charming, right?

Kitchit, which began on the West Coast, now has a New York branch to make all of you busy East Coasters go from busy to Belle in a moments notice.  With a few clicks of the mouse, Kitchit makes hostessing easy. You can choose your date and time, number of guests, themes and select top chefs to create a bespoke menu to pull it all together.  Kitchit will do the shopping, cooking, serving AND clean up.  With these spoiling perks you may be wondering if Cogsworth will come out just in time with some dinner music as well.

With your meal, with your ease. Yes, indeed, they aim to please.

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The best part about Kitchit is the variety.  You can pick and stick to a specific budget (about $45-75 per person), choose your chef and menu, and pay yourself or split with your guests.  My birthday was this past week and while I loved going out for a good party, I think next year having Dan Kluger, from ABC Kitchen, or Dana Klitzberg from Blut Aubergine privately serve my closest friends in an intimate setting will be best.

While I’m saving up for the service, I think I’ll practice making Bon Appetit’s Pasta with Pancetta and Miso for my friends this Spring. Maybe, if I am lucky, I can convince our co-founder Heidi Brod to play chef for our doB team after her recent cooking adventures with the International Culinary Center.  I promise to play LePlume and clean up!

Whether you are looking to have a posh party or just an intimate dinner, Kitchit has you covered.

Put their service to the test.


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