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Uplift Studios

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Lighten and Tighten

Fitness, fun and a lifted bun.

We’ve all been witness to the grunting co-ed on the bench press. Exasperated by his daunting daily deltoid session, we can barely concentrate on our two mile run while also next to an Army Hammer look-a-like that has us screaming in our head, “Why didn’t I wear the hot lululemon pants today?!”

Lift your lashes to see some tightened as..(you get the picture).

Uplift Studios, which opened April 1st in New York City, was started by three women; Leanne Shear, Helena Wolin and Katie Currie. It’s a women’s-only fitness movement that incorporates exercise, esprit and empowerment.  Providing a change in the fitness experience for women, Uplift’s wide variety of classes, in an uplifting atmosphere, not only gets you in shape, but shapes your self-confidence, all the while in a compassionately competitive community.

New Year.  New Rear.

Spicy Skinnygirl Margarita

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With a variety of classes from the 30 minute Whittle your Middle to a 55 minute Power Yoga session, you can easily find something that fits your workout style, budget and schedule ($18-$32 a class).  You can also get a personal trainer, sign up for retreats and run in charity events.  I’m most looking forward to trying a “Raise the Bar” class in which a 45 minute workout is followed by booze and bonding; a great time to find like minded new friends that inspire you!

Right now, Uplift has a Grand Opening special of four classes for the price of one. Just click on “Class Schedule & Sign Up.”  Even if you can’t make it to New York for a class, their website alone should be enough to inspire your own movement with your doB divas at home (try Bethenny Frankel’s Spicy Skinnygirl Margarita afterwards).

With Earth Day this weekend, take the opportunity to take care of yourself before you participate in great activities that help take care of the world.

Get your ass in class.

Bottoms up!



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