The Lovie Project From Classic Kids Photography


The Lovie Project

Photo Credit www.classickidsphotography.com

“Lovie” Dovey

A sleepy-time friend with us until the very end.

Our childhood Lovies warmed our hearts and protected our souls. Now, Classic Kids Photography along with your help is protecting the hearts and souls of children without a home and a love to call their own.

Through tea parties, mud baths, scary dust bunnies and flu season, Lovies were the one thing that could comfort us as much as mom.  We’ve looked to them for protection from monsters under the bed while always telling them our deepest and darkest secrets.  Their tattered limbs hold a million stories.

Providing the best hugs, snug as a bug.

Now you can capture the essence of your child’s favorite friend to hold on to forever (even when they are old, grey and worn away.)

Classic Kids Photography believes that every child deserves a Lovie, and with their amazing project, you can make more than just your precious angel happy. Bring in a brand new Lovie along with your child’s and Classic Kids will photograph your child’s for free all while giving the new Lovies a caring home to children without one.  Even better, a portion of the proceeds from prints bought will go to buy more Lovies.

With over ten locations across the country it is easy to book an appointment, but do it soon because The Lovie Project ends April 30th. A picture is worth a thousand words, but any child is worth a million  pictures.

“Love isn’t love ‘til you give it away.”


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