The Lean by Kathy Freston


The Lean by Kathy Freston

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A cLEAN Break

Inclined to dine.

We’ve all tried various diets, from cutting carbs to slashing sweets, and often yo-yo’d and swung back into our old habits. While no diet is guaranteed to work for every person, a subtle Lean is sometimes all you need to start going in the right direction.

Best selling author and health and wellness activist Kathy Freston has written a 30-day guide to easily and effectively jump start your weight loss in her latest book The Lean, from Weinstein Books. doB got to attend a publication celebration along with Arianna Huffington and Wendi Murdoch. Once we met Kathy, we were even more excited to delve into this brilliant book.


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Savor the fresh flavor.

The Lean is exactly what you think, a nudge in the right direction.  With simple daily goals, such as eating an apple a day and focusing on more fiber rich foods, you can easily learn to commit at a pace that is achievable for even the most manic multi-taskers.

I realized that The Lean is not only a plan to become healthier but to become vegan.  I love meat and my iron deficiency craves a filet now and then. I understand this is not always the healthiest choice, especially with the recent action of the FDA against antibiotics for non-therapeutic purposes in animal agriculture.  That being said, I personally cannot give up meat, but Kathy Freston’s book has helped me to limit my intake and make other vigorous changes in my diet.

Arianna Huffington, Heidi Brod and Lisa Stolov

Arianna Huffington, Heidi Brod and Lisa Stolov

Tend to mend.

Following these simple steps, I began to feel stronger and more energized to endure my workouts. Included recipes also gave me great substitutions for my tired weekly routine.

Whether you are like me and taking baby steps towards veganism or ready to jump right into being thin, The Lean will give all you doB readers the gentle push to start moving that tush.

“Progress, not Perfection.”

Lean, mean doB beauty machine.



  • I am going to get this book and try the healthy recipes–even if I cheat on the 30 day plan!
    Wish me luck!

  • Good luck, Debbie. The apple a day was the easiest for me to grasp on to. Find a good greenmarket and get started.

  • It’s so important to fuel your body with healthy food for a successful workout! I’ve been looking for something to keep me on a schedule and I’m with Debbie! I’ll be heading over to Amazon to check on this 30 day plan!

    “Progress, Not Perfection!”

    • Julia-

      We at doB completely agree. I can find myself exhausted after some workouts and completely starving. Take a look at this book and even some of the recipes inside. Either way you will be inspired in some way!

  • This is great info, thanks Becky! I’m totally getting this book it is exactly what I need right now.

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