Story of a BB Cream Beauty



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The Mystery of the Miracle Make-Up

It was a dark and balmy night…

I put on my pleated silk dress and Prada pumps as I looked out the window wondering many things; Would he be handsome, honest and funny?  Could I control my bread addiction at dinner? Mmm, bread.  Would my blemishes show as I blush and nervously sweat off my layers of make-up?

My heart pounded in anticipation.

I pulled my Clinique BB Cream from my vanity, wondering if both it and I were tough enough to last the night.  This “beauty balm” claiming to be an “all-in-one” had me as skeptical of it as I was of my impending blind date.  This sunscreen, age defender and tinted moisturizer already taking over the Japanese market has officially trekked west.

I put my full lips to the glass of my full-bodied cabernet.

Looking at my fair and blemished complexion in the mirror, I applied this cream which soon evened my skin tone, reduced redness and kept my shine at bay.  Would this man be as smooth?

Too Faced Beauty Balm

Photo Credit www.sephora.com

With companies like Garnier, Too Faced and Dr.Jart+ boarding the beauty bandwagon, you are in good hands.  Want to banish shine without adding color?  SUNDÃRI’s  T-Zone Control Treatment will make you matte in just two drops.

Now, I can lighten my load…of make-up.  An effective all-in-one is as hard to find as a man with it all…all in one.  I didn’t want to let go, but luckily, I don’t have to.   The make-up lasted, he didn’t.  With a BB cream in hand I can handle any situation with confidence.

One chapter ends…a new more beautiful you begins.


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