Rainy Day Hair Fixes


Rainy Day Hair Fixes

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Frizz, Frizz, Go Away

Frizz, frizz, go away, come again another day.

No more hiding a bad hair day under a floppy hat.  It’s time to fight that frightful frizz!  All you need to do is learn some easy tricks of the trade, along with a handy repetoire of rainy day hairstyles.

De-frizzing begins as soon as you step out of the shower.  Always use a heat protectant to help seal in moisture, which in turn makes hair shinier and less frizz-prone.  I personally use Moroccan Oil Treatment, Kérestase Oléo-Relax, and TRESemmé Heat Thermal Spray, all of which are highly recommended by primping professionals.  After blowdrying or heat styling your hair, lightly rub a dime-sized drop of styling cream or serum onto your hair to polish off your look. (Check out Daily Glow’s Frizz-Fighters for more tips on how to fight frizz in general.)

As for pretty rainy day hairstyles, I’ve been loving braids which have been undeniably fashionable as of late.  Practically speaking, “They withstand humidity, rain, and wind, and work with every hair texture” says Sasha Quarles, celebrity hairstylist.

Elizabeth Olsen

Photo Credit www.cosmopolitan.com

My favorite is the side-swept braid as worn by Elizabeth Olsen.  No real instructions needed! Simply gather your hear to one side, make a loose braid, and secure with an elastic.  Pull out wisps of hair on the opposite side for a more messy look.  I even do the side-swept braid on sunny days when my hair is feeling unmanageable.

Winner – You.  Loser – Frizz.

Dishin’ Tip – Spray your hairbrush with Static Guard, hairspray, or leave-in conditioner (any of them should work).  When you brush your hair, it will be noticeably frizz-free!

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