Palatable Passover Meals


Brisket Dinner

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Pass Over the Recipes, Please

Freedom to feast.

Odds are you are frantically preparing your traditional Seder Plate full of Charoset, Karpas and Maror for your Jewish mother-in-law, hoping that you can impress her enough so that she’ll forget to ask, “When will I be lucky enough to have a/another grandchild?”

Living in New York City has expanded my cultural food palette ten-fold.  There is no better place to experience more traditions and tastes than this dense melting pot.  Even if you don’t participate in Passover, doB has found some delectable dishes that that will please the palettes of believers and non-believers alike.

Beginning April 6th at sunset, Passover is the perfect time to get family and loved ones together to celebrate while enjoying appetizing entrees. Martha Stewart has an entire menu that will keep your guests happy, whether or not they keep kosher.

Sacrifice the salt, not your waistline.


Photo Credit marthastewart.com

With traditional dishes such as Brisket with dried fruit and Halibut with Braised, Sliced Artichokes and Lemons, you won’t feel plagued not knowing what to cook.

Also, with Eating Well’s Healthy Passover Recipes, like unleavened bread, your calorie intake won’t be rising.

No matter what holiday you celebrate, we can all celebrate good food with great friends and family.

Fast, which recipe will you choose?!


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