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Hair’s The Root of The Problem

Away gray!

As a colorist at the John Barrett Salon in the Bergdorf Goodman building in Manhattan, I get asked by a lot of clients to recommend a good hair crayon or mascara. When my friend and client, Heidi Brod, asked me to write about a product that really works, I thought it would be a great opportunity for me to help people narrow down their search.

Getting to the root.

With so many choices, finding a product that stays on and is easy to apply without making a huge color mess was a challenge.  I tested my top choices on some very gracious clients who were kind enough to be my guinea pigs. There was no “perfect product,” but there was definitely one clear winner, The TouchBack Marker.

No powder, cream, gel, mascara or crayon could compete.

Unlike other products that flake or rub off because they are made of wax with colorants and harsh chemicals that only coat the hair’s surface, the TouchBack uses temporary hair color. It bonds right to the hair shaft and stays on until you shampoo (plus it’s ammonia and peroxide free).  Drying only takes about a minute, and it leaves your hair light and soft to the touch.

Used and shaped just like a marker, you can almost get a kick out of applying it.  It’s like coloring your hair with a Sharpie. (I’m sure some of you have looked to a Sharpie in a moment of desperation and thought, “Should I?!”)

Follicle the yellow (just not gray) brick road.

The TouchBack comes in eight different shades, and if your color is in-between two shades always choose the lighter hue to get a more natural look.  Use the included comb for applying around the temples and hairline to prevent skin staining.  It should last at least thirty applications, and your colorist will be happy to know that because the marker is temporary, it won’t affect the carefully crafted and uniquely formulated color they made especially for you.

Perfect for our ever busy doB ladies.  Banish that skunky hairline ribbon.  Leave the stripes to Spring’s sailor trend.

TouchBack and Touch Down!



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