Free To Be You And Me (Gluten Free!)


Karen Freer

Karen Freer, Free BREAD Inc.

Free Bread’s Delivery System

BREAD-y to be gluten free.

“The best things in life are free,” Mama always told me.  With love, friendship and memories laid out on the table, I hardly had time to look at what I was eating.  Able to attend a casting for a new Pillsbury Doughboy, I realized it may be time I challah out for help.

No more highfalutin gluten.

Karen Freer, the brilliant one woman powerhouse behind Free Bread, was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2007. She reached a point where she gave up carbs altogether because of either the tasteless or over processed  options. Craving an apropos accompaniment to soup, Karen began baking.

Kneading some more options.

Free BreadTesting in a local kitchen for a bunch of Brooklyn retailers, Karen came up with four varieties free of gluten, nut, corn, soy and sugar. Choices like the sourdough Creamer and the sweet Moxy will have you feeling leaner and foxy.  I may not need to go gluten free, but wheat can be a pro-inflammatory agent, which if left unbroken down in the system, can cause unflattering flatulence. Therefore, I figured it might be best to keep the bedroom steamy for pure fun with Mr. Dreamy.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s new book Deliciously G-Free

Deliciously G-Free

If you can’t make it to any of the locations where Free Bread is sold, Karen personally delivers the bread anywhere in the five boroughs. Between baking and another job, Karen met with me looking polished and poised while passionately telling me about her bread.

Becky Berowski and Karen FreerElisabeth Hasselbeck’s new book Deliciously G-Free was the perfect read to find recipes to go along side my bread.  The Veggie Pad Thai she shared with the Dr. Oz Show will be one to show off and share with all of your friends.

Take a free ride leaving the gluten behind.

G, now that sounds freeing.



  • I know someone who needs gluten free foods. These articles are very helpful.

  • Pillsbury Doughboy? Ha! Not likely!

  • Thanks so much for drawing attention to celiac disease. I had a friend who never ate out with us because she had the disease and was ashamed to admit she was on a special diet. Maybe more articles like this will bring these friends “out of the closet” and make them see they should not be ashamed. And as you pointed out in this and many other posts, we all could use a healthier diet. You raised awareness in an amusing and entertaining way. Love the reference to unflattering flatulence. Have you ever thought about doing stand-up! Your humorous writing style is much appreciated. Can’t wait to read your next article.

    • Mary-

      I think many people are really trying to bring attention to it and bring awareness to the dangers of it as well as the awesome options you can still have if you are diagnosed with celiac disease as well. No one should ever be ashamed of who they are or a “problem” they may have, but we will always try to strive to learn and share the wonderful things that make us all unique and how we can beautifully live with them. I don’t do stand-up, but I do improv, go figure ; )

  • My kids are allergic to gluten. It has been a trial for all of us. So glad I came upon this article!

    • We wish you luck on your journey and please, if you find out any new ways or recipes to make living with celiac disease easier, do send them our way.

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